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OCTOBER 21ST: AOR, Opéra De Paris, Palais Gardnier, Paris, France - Audience: 2,000

JULY 14TH: PLACE DE LA CONCORDE, Place De La Concorde, Paris, France - Audience: 1 Million - First Entry in the Guinness Book Of Records.

OCTOBER 21ST-29TH: THE CHINA TOUR, Peking & Shanghai, China -
Audience: 218,000 - First Western Musician Concert in Post-Mao China.

APRIL 5TH: RENDEZ-VOUS HOUSTON, Downtown Houston, Texas, USA -
Audience: 1.3 Million - Second Entry in the Guinness Book Of Records.
OCTOBER 5TH: RENDEZ-VOUS LYON, Quai De La Saone, Lyon, France -
Audience: 800,000 - Concert for Pope John Paul II's visit to Lyon.

OCTOBER 8TH & 9TH: DESTINATION DOCKLANDS, London Docklands, Newham, London, UK - Audience: 1 Million.

MAY 13TH: DESTINATION TROCADERO, Place Du Trocadero, Paris, France - Audience: 15,000 - Concert for 100th Anniversary of The Eiffel Tower.

JULY 14TH: PARIS LA DÉFENSE, Quartier De La Défense, Paris, France -
Audience: 2.5 Million.

JULY 11TH: CONCERT OF THE ECLIPSE, Teotihuacan, Mexico - Concert for Total Eclipse of the Sun (CANCELLED).

SEPTEMBER 25TH & 26TH: SWATCH THE WORLD, Zermatt, Switzerland -
Audience: 100,000 - Concert for 100 Millionth Swatch Watch.
DECEMBER 1ST, 2ND & 3RD: LEGENDS OF THE LOST CITY, Sun City, South Africa - Audience: 45,000.

JULY 28TH-OCTOBER 16TH: EUROPE IN CONCERT TOUR, Belgium, France, Germany, Hungary, Spain, Switzerland, UK - Audience: 660,000.

MARCH 11TH: HONG KONG, Hong Kong Stadium, Hong Kong, China -
Audience: 50,000 - Concert for Opening Ceremony of Hong Kong Stadium.
JUNE 18TH: DUSSELDORF IN CONCERT, Rheinstadion, Dusseldorf, Germany (CANCELLED).

JULY 14TH: CONCERT POUR LA TOLERANCE, The Eiffel Tower, Champs De Mars, Paris, France - Audience: 1.25 Million.
SEPTEMBER 10TH: FESTA ITALIANA, Piazza Vittorio Veneto, Turin, Italy - Audience: 300,000 - Concert for FIAT's launch of Brava & Bravo Cars.
NOVEMBER 16TH: UNESCO 50TH ANNIVERSARY, Siège De L'UNESCO, Paris, France - Audience: 130 - Concert for 50th Anniversary of UNESCO.

MARCH 26TH: WETTEN DAS, Rathaus, Vienna, Austria.
APRIL 5TH: Crown Casino, Melbourne, Australia (CANCELLED).
MAY 3RD-JUNE 26TH: THE OXYGENE WORLD TOUR (Part I), Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, The Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Sweden, Switzerland, UK -
Audience: 180,000.
SEPTEMBER 6TH: OXYGEN IN MOSCOW, Moscow State University, Vorobievy Hills, Moscow, Russia - Audience: 3.5 Million - Concert for 850th Anniversary of Moscow & Third Entry in the Guinness Book Of Records.
Audience: 50,000.

JANUARY 12TH: FIFA WORLD PLAYER 97, Salle Des Congrès, Disneyland Paris, Marne-La-Vallée, France - Audience: 500 - Concert for FIFA World Player of the Year.
APRIL 29TH & 30TH: FRANCE FESTIVAL, International Exhibition Centre, Tokyo, Japan - Audience: 1,000 - Concert for France Festival in Japan.
JUNE 3RD: FNAC Paris, Champs Elysées, Paris, France - Audience: 100

JULY 14TH: RENDEZ-VOUS 98 - NUIT ELECTRONIQUE, The Eiffel Tower, Champs De Mars, Paris, France - Audience: 600,000.
SEPTEMBER 14TH: IMAC NIGHT, Paris Expo, Porte De Versailles, France -

DECEMBER 31ST: THE TWELVE DREAMS OF THE SUN, The Pyramids, Giza Plateau, Cairo, Egypt - Audience: 115,000.

JANUARY 1ST: THE TWELVE DREAMS OF THE SUN (Sunrise Concert), The Pyramids, Giza Plateau, Cairo, Egypt - Audience: 115,000.
Audience: 400.

JANUARY 1ST: 2001 - RENDEZ-VOUS IN SPACE, Ginowan Seaside Park, Okinawa, Japan - Audience: 20,000.
JUNE 19TH & 20TH: AKROPOLIS, Odeion Of Herodus Atticus, Athens, Greece - Audience: 10,000.

APRIL 12TH: AUDIO BRUNCH, LE PRINTEMPS DE BOURGES, Palais Jacques Coeur, Bourges, France - Audience: 100.
SEPTEMBER 7TH: AERO, Gammel Vraa Enge Windmill Park, Aalborg, Denmark - Audience: 35,000.

SEPTEMBER 9TH: AERO SHOWCASE, Hangar-7, Salzburg Airport, Salzburg, Austria (CANCELLED).
OCTOBER 10TH: Forbidden City & Tiananmen Square, Beijing, China -
Audience: 16,000 - Concert for Opening Ceremony of Year Of France Festival in China.

APRIL 2ND: ONCE UPON A TIME, Parken, Copenhagen, Denmark - Audience: 28,000 - Concert for Bicentenary of Hans Christian Andersen.
AUGUST 6TH & 7TH: Salle Des Etoiles, Sporting Monte-Carlo, Monte-Carlo, Monaco - Audience: 2,600.
AUGUST 20TH: Odense Stadion, Odense, Denmark (CANCELLED).
AUGUST 26TH: SPACE OF FREEDOM, Gdansk Shipyards, Gdansk, Poland - Audience: 170,000 - Concert for 25th Anniversary of Solidarity.
SEPTEMBER 10TH: LinX Live Event, Alfacam, Lint, Belgium - Audience: 1,000 - Concert for Opening Ceremony of Eurocam Media Centre.

DECEMBER 16TH: WATER FOR LIFE, The Sahara Desert, Merzouga, Morocco - Audience: 15,000.

MARCH 28TH: TÉO & TÉA SHOWCASE, Alfacam, Lint, Belgium.
APRIL 15TH: OVERKITSCH, Queen Club, Paris, France.
MAY 20TH: TÉO & TÉA SHOWCASE, VIP Room, Cannes, France.
JULY 26TH: POWERSTOCK FESTIVAL, Parco Eolico Di Albanella Windmill Park, Salerno, Italy (CANCELLED).
SEPTEMBER 19TH: OXYGENE 3D, Alfacam, Lint, Belgium.
DECEMBER 12TH-15TH, 18TH-22ND, 26TH: OXYGENE, Theatre Marigny, Paris, France - Audience: 10,000.

MARCH 18TH & 19TH: OXYGENE, National Concert Hall, Dublin, Ireland - Expected Audience: Unknown
MARCH 24TH: OXYGENE, Cirque Royal, Brussels, Belgium - Expected Audience: 2,000
MARCH 27TH: OXYGENE, Symphony Hall, Birmingham, UK - Expected Audience: 2,000
MARCH 28TH: OXYGENE, Opera House, Manchester, UK - Expected Audience: 2,000
MARCH 30TH: OXYGENE, Royal Albert Hall, London, UK - Expected Audience: 5,200.

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